Aerielle Ludwig

Certified professional resume writer (CPRW)


I  grew up in Pennsylvania, and have since lived in five states and one foreign country following my husband around the world for his career in the military. As an Army wife, moving an average of every 2 years, I’ve grown quite adept at navigating the job market and I have consistently succeeded in landing the jobs I wanted. 

I've had this success because I never sent out a sloppy or generic resume

I am successful because I do my research to understand exactly what prospective employers need. I tailor every application package to each individual position and company. 

As strange as it may sound, I have always had a strong fascination with resumes. They provide a snapshot of someone’s working life, and as such operate as professional autobiographies. However, we too often look at them as mere annoyances and don’t give them the time and attention they deserve. 

I have spent over a decade working with students, military personnel, and other professionals to facilitate their educational and career success. Since my first professional position in the Career Services office at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, I have reviewed, edited, and written over 1000 resumes. I have spent much of my adult life helping people get the jobs they’ve always wanted. Now I want to help you.


If you’ve applied to dozens (or even hundreds) of jobs without receiving an offer of an interview, the problem may not be a crowded job market, but rather a poorly articulated application package. I can change that. 

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information on my background.