I offer the following package options:



Are you confident in your resume, but dislike writing cover letters? Cover letters are a valuable part of your application package and help give hiring managers insight into what drives you. Additionally, they make your application look robust and clean and show that you do not hesitate to put in energy and effort for projects you care about.


Have I done your resume before? If so, I will tailor it and your cover letter to another position. Phone consultation included.


Gain the coveted "All-Star" status and get more attention from recruiters. The numbers vary with different sources, but did you know that up to 93% of hiring managers will look at your LinkedIn profile in order to determine if they would like to offer you an interview? Your profile can be a deal breaker. Send me a message for a full run down of what this package includes. 

*Client must provide profile photo. Connection requests will not be initiated or approved without client consent.


A Fresh set of eyes ($109)

Do you have an up-to-date resume that could benefit from a professional eye? If so, I will review and revise your resume and cover letter in conjunction with the job announcement for your dream position (no significant formatting changes are included with this package). 

If you do not already have a cover letter and would like me to write one for you, you can utilize this package at an additional rate of $40.



Includes phone consultation, one resume tailored to your desired industry or field (typically 1 page), cover letter, and matching references page. Current college students with no more than one year of professional work experience are eligible for this package.


Includes phone consultation, one resume tailored to your industry or field (2 pages), a Professional Summary Statement, cover letter, and matching references page. 


Includes phone consultation, one resume tailored to your desired industry or field (2 pages), a Professional Summary Statement, cover letter, matching references page, LinkedIn profile build/review, salary negotiations counsel and other guidance as requested.


THE FEderal diy ($40)

Create your own Federal Resume with my thoroughly tested DIY Federal Resume Template and accompanying e-book (instruction manual). See more details here.



Includes phone consultation, one federal resume (no page limit), cover letter, and a review of your responses for one KSA questionnaire.


My turn around time is two weeks (10 business days). Should you need your resume sooner there is a $10 rush delivery fee per day. (For example, a 3 day turn around will cost an additional $70, as available.)


Military discount ($75)

All E-6 and below service members are eligible for this discount on the Standard, Upgrade, or Federal packages in addition to anyone seeking a GS-07 or lower position.

Bonus Service:

All packages include a custom list of approximately 5-10 interview questions for you to ask at the end of your interview. Like all of my products, these questions are tailored to the job you are applying for and / or your specific industry. They are insightful and they will not be questions you could have found on an online 'listicle'. I offer this service as a Thank You for your support and to reaffirm my commitment to your success.