Aerielle Ludwig

Certified professional resume writer (CPRW)


I first fell in love with resumes during my time working in the Career Services office of Lock Haven University and I've kept my training updated ever since. In 2009 I completed my M.Ed. School Counseling degree and through that found my passion for Career and Vocational Counseling which I have tried to indulge in a variety of professional positions which have often been dictated by changing military assignments for my husband.

I've been married for 12 years and 6 duty assignments, moving my career with me with each PCS, though my School Counseling career became derailed after our first PCS move when I found that the license was incredibly expensive to transfer.

I've often found myself working on-post in the Education Center or SFL-TAP office which I loved...because well, high school is a tough crowd. What I learned from providing education and career counseling in these roles was that:

People need A LOT of help with their resumes. More than I could give them because I had other job responsibilities that prevented me from helping as much as I wanted to. 

And, sometimes I was even prohibited from helping people because they didn't fall under our area of responsibility.

With yet another PCS and inevitable job search in front of me, friends and family encouraged me to set up shop on my own. Having worked in essentially what amounts to social services for my entire career I was hesitant about charging for my services. However, it WAS evident that people not only wanted but really needed this service; many people are not selling their skills well and they are missing out on opportunities because of it. I understand that these people have incredible talent and potential in their field and that they needed more than a "critique" of their resume. They just needed it done, and done right. 

Now I can work with anyone, anywhere!

I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my services and the results of my clients because I know that I am not successful until you are!


If you’ve applied to dozens (or even hundreds) of jobs without receiving an offer of an interview, the problem may not be a crowded job market, but rather a poorly articulated application package. I can change that. 

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more information on my background.